What Does the Suffix NESS Mean?


What Does the Suffix NESS Mean?

The suffix NESS is very common in English. The video provides a clear definition and then 6 illustrated sentence examples so you clearly understand the meaning of suffix ion.

Here is a transcript of the video: “Words With the Suffix NESS”

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The suffix NESS means
the state of or quality of

It is often added to the suffix LESS, making an adjective into a noun e.g. effortless (adj.) – effortlessness (n.)

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Definition: failure to give proper attention to something often resulting in harm or an error

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The picture shows a cigarette and an ash tray on the edge of a bed.

Sentence example: One estimate states that over 30% of home fires are started because of carelessness with cigarettes.

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Definition: the state of being uncomfortable, clumsy, or embarrassed

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In the picture we see a young woman not wanting to have her photograph taken.

Sentence example: Her awkwardness in front of a camera made her give up the idea of choosing a modelling career.

In the next two examples the suffix NESS follows the suffix LESS, turning an adjective into a noun.

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Definition: the state of being without shame, feeling no disgrace

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The picture shows a magazine cover featuring famous actor Charlie Sheen.

Sentence example: Charlie Sheen’s shamelessness involving alcohol, drug abuse, and domestic strife, derailed a once brilliant career.

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Definition: the state of being helpless, powerless, unable to help oneself

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In the picture we see a teenage girl sitting on a bench looking disturbed.

Sentence example: Her bouts of depression were mainly due to the helplessness of the situation between her mother and father and the inevitable divorce.

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Definition: the quality of being arrogantly superior

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In the picture we see a young woman looking at herself in a mirror.

Sentence example: She could never maintain a stable relationship with anyone mainly due to her haughtiness.

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Definition: the quality of being tiresome, often because of length, slowness, or being uninteresting

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The picture shows a man working on a sewing machine in a factory.

Sentence example: By the end of the day he often felt exhausted, probably because of the tediousness of the work.

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So remember, the suffix NESS simply means

the state of or quality of


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