The Meaning of SQUALID – SQUALID in a Sentence

What is the Meaning and Definition of SQUALID?

Slide 2: SQUALID:

Emphasize the first syllable, it’s pronounced SKWA◦lid

dirty, disgusting

The clipart shows dirty little boys covered in mud

Slide 3:
The picture shows a dirty, run-down apartment block.

Sentence example: Sadly, millions of people around the world live in squalid apartment blocks.

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  • affable
  • aggressive
  • arduous
  • bent
  • biased
  • conventional
  • delinquent
  • detrimental
  • erroneous
  • expendable
  • extraordinary
  • fragile
  • gradual
  • gracious
  • hospitable
  • impressive
  • impulsive
  • relevant
  • remiss
  • ridiculous
  • squalid
  • supercilious
  • suspicious
  • sympathetic
  • wooden

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More examples to make the meaning of SQUALID clear:

Biden’s 2020 election victory drew cheers from migrants stranded in squalid, freezing refugee camps in Mexico, and some rushed across a bridge in the border city of El Paso while chanting his name.
Source: Washington Post

Her yearlong tenure was marred by the rampant spread of the coronavirus, inmates’ complaints about squalid conditions, a gun smuggled into the jail and at least one inmate’s death.
Source: Seattle Times

Nobody will rent to “Okies,” as migrants were known — regardless of whether they were from Oklahoma — so the family settles into a squalid camp on the banks of an irrigation ditch.
Source: New York Times

There were these squalid boarding houses where the factory workers would be put and they would be paid barely subsistence wages and they would basically be tortured at work.
Source: The Verge

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