The Definition of HAZARD – HAZARD in a Sentence

The Definition of HAZARD – HAZARD in a Sentence

This video explains how the word HAZARD came into the English language from Arabic and Old French. Also, through clipart images it helps make a strong mental connection.

The video contains 3 illustrated examples of HAZARD in a sentence. Just take a moment to look at the picture, then listen as the sentence is read, to make a deep impression on the memory. By seeing various contexts in which the word HAZARD is used, you will get a better understanding of its meaning and definition.

Here is a transcript of the video “The Origin and Meaning of HAZARD ” . . .

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The word HAZARD has its roots in an Arabic word meaning ‘luck’ or ‘chance’ and came into English from an Old French word for a game of chance played with dice. It therefore has an association with uncertainty.

In the 16th century it became synonymous with danger.

The modern definition of HAZARD is: risk, danger, a chance of being harmed or injured

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Sentence example: Signs were prominently displayed in English and French warning of a slip hazard.

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Sentence example: Does putting your hazard warning lights on make it OK to park illegally?

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Sentence example: It can be quite hazardous to walk around a construction site without a hard hat.

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So remember, the noun HAZARD and the adjective HAZARDOUS describe something that is potentially dangerous or harmful.

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