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In this video we examine the common idiom: “ONCE in a BLUE MOON Idiom Definition (3 Illustrated Examples)”

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ONCE in a BLUE MOON Idiom Definition

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Definition of:
once in a blue moon

not very often, rarely

Before we look at some illustrated sentence examples, a quick reminder . . .

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The picture shows a man using an exercise bike his home gym.

Sentence example: He bought an exercise bike full of good intentions but now only uses it once in a blue moon.

In other words, when he bought the exercise bike he was feeling motivated to do regular exercise, but after a while he got out of routine and now rarely uses this equipment.

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The picture shows a woman in an evening dress holding a glass of champagne.

Sentence example: It’s once in a blue moon you will see her drinking alcohol, usually only on a special occasion.

In other words, she rarely drinks alcohol, reserving it for celebrations or special occasions.

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The picture shows a man deep in thought, outside a building in London.

Sentence example: After he relocated to London, he only got to see his family once in a blue moon.

In other words, after he moved to London he was some distance from his family and never had the opportunity to see them very often.

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So the next time you want to say that something doesn’t happen very often, or rarely, add emphasis and interest to your English conversation by using the idiom:
“once in a blue moon”

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