Learn How to Pronounce DECIPHER – DECIPHER in a Sentence

Learn How to Pronounce DECIPHER – DECIPHER in a Sentence

Learn how to pronounce decipher correctly by understanding the syllables and see DECIPHER in a sentence for increased understanding of this word.

Here is a transcript of the video: “How to Pronounce DECIPHER (3 Syllables)”

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The word DECIPHER is a verb with 3 syllables – emphasize the second syllable.


Here is a sentence example:

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In the picture we see an Enigma machine.

The sentence reads: During World War II, the German military used the Enigma machine to encrypt sensitive communications, and the Polish and British made intensive efforts to decipher the messages.

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So when you next have an opportunity, remember to say DECIPHER correctly.

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Examples of decipher from news items:

One of the easier puzzles early in the game finds her needing to decipher the marking on a device that controls the directional orientation of a wooden bridge.
Source: Washington Post

Infection rates that change by the day and labyrinthine middle-seat policies that require an advanced degree to decipher.
Source: New York Times

After my grandmother died, it was Auntie Adele we called to decipher recipes and recall the Syrian dishes that grandma left in our memories but not on index cards.
Source: Salon

The ability to decipher the enigmatic motivations of these young ideologues is just one more thing that old age is taking from them, and it hurts as much as the rest of it does.
Source: New York times

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