The Meaning of Word Root POP – Words With POP

The Meaning of Word Root POP – Words With POP

This video clearly explains the meaning of the word root POP and shows words with the root POP in a sentence. Whenever you see the word root POP, look for a connection with people, as this is what the Latin root means.

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The word root POP comes from the Latin populi, which means: PEOPLE

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Definition: something well-liked or admired by many people

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The picture shows a person wearing ripped jeans.

Sentence example: Ripped jeans or “distressed jeans” became popular in the late 1990s and this fashion trend continued its popularity in the 2000s.

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Definition: to sharply decrease the population in an area

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In the picture we see an abandoned house.

Sentence example: In Europe and North America, rural areas started to become depopulated in the 2nd half of the 20th century, as people moved to cities looking for economic prosperity.

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Definition: to make something popular, to cause something to be well-liked

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The picture shows famous singer/songwriter Bob Marley.

Sentence example: The music genre reggae, which originated in Jamaica in the 1960s, was popularized by Bob Marley.

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Definition: the common people, people living in a certain area, the masses

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Sentence example: Mount Vesuvius is pictured here, towering above Pompeii, where those of the populace who did not escape, met their end in the year 79 A.D. when the volcano erupted.

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Definition: a political philosophy that supports the common people in their fight against a privileged elite, appealing to people who think their concerns are being ignored

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In the picture we see a sign which reads “Occupy Wall Street 99%”

Sentence example: The Occupy movement was an example of populism, which suggested that 99% (the people) were against the 1% (the elite).

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So remember, the word root POP comes from the Latin populi, which means: PEOPLE


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