Why Learn English?

English is the 3rd most common native language in the world, after Mandarin and Spanish. It is widely learned as a second language. It is the official language of almost 60 countries, the United Nations, the European Union and many other international organizations.  This alone is a major reason for learning English.

But what is your personal reason for wanting to learn English or improve your English? Understanding and clarifying the main reason is essential if you are to be well-motivated.

Here are some main reasons in answer to the question: “Why Learn English?”

why learn english - reasons to learn english

Reasons To Learn English

Your level of English can affect your career, business and salary – powerful reasons for wanting to improve your English vocabulary and fluency.

Now visualize yourself reaching that end result.
Create a clear mental picture.

Set A Target

You will make the fastest progress when you set targets. For a target to be truly effective, it needs a time limit and it needs to be measureable. You need to be more specific than setting a goal like: “I am going to improve my English vocabulary!” Instead, create a target such as: “Over the next 30 days, starting tomorrow, [date], I will spend 20 minutes a day listening to English and noting new words and phrases.”

If a 30 day target is unreasonable in your circumstances create a more reachable target such as a 10 day plan.

Why is this method effective? Because of the plateau principle. Progress in learning a language is usually not constant.

NOT like this:                                                                but  LIKE THIS:

learn English - constant gradual process?

Learning English – A Constant Gradual Process?

learn English - plateau

People Learn English Through Reaching Plateaus








The purpose of setting targets is to get you to a new plateau. At the end of the 10-day or 30-day period, you will realize and sense that your English has significantly improved. You are on a new plateau!

Mistakes and Attitude

make friends with your mistakes -learning english

Learn English Through Making Mistakes

Just start speaking and don’t worry about mistakes. Laugh and have fun! When speaking  to someone who has a better level of English than you why not say: “I am working hard on my English right now so please help me with my mistakes, I won’t mind.”

Just speak without hesitating. Say it as it comes to your mind, mistakes and all, as these can be corrected as you continue. To learn English and improve your English: SPEAK at every opportunity.

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