What is the Meaning of DOGGIE BAG (DOGGY BAG)?

What is the Meaning of DOGGIE BAG (DOGGY BAG)?

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The doggie bag (also spelled doggy bag) refers to: a small bag or container for leftover food that a restaurant may provide for a customer to take home

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The idea of a doggy bag goes back to the 1940s in the United States when citizens were encouraged to feed leftovers from a meal to their pets due to wartime conditions.
People then started asking for doggy bags when eating out at a restaurant.
The term originates from the idea that a customer may feel embarrassed to ask for a bag for leftover food for themselves so they say it is for the dog at home.
The term became more popular in the 1970s.

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In the picture we see the front of the famous Ritz Hotel in central London. The inset picture shows guests enjoying afternoon sandwiches and cakes.
The sentence reads: “Of course, if it hadn’t been the Ritz I’d have insisted he ask for a doggy bag to bring home the cakes and sandwiches that didn’t get eaten. But, really, you don’t go to afternoon tea at the Ritz for a doggy bag experience.”
Source: http://oldgreypoet.wordpress.com/2000/05/19/putting-on-the-ritz/

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Some restaurants even encourage people to ask for a doggy bag.
The picture shows a doggy bag with this message written on it:
Boy Oh Boy! Here Comes My Dinner
Don’t Forget Your Pets.

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Here is another example from the news:
They ate less if they were offered a doggie bag, or to-go box, before they got their meals: Apparently the idea of getting a “free” second meal outweighed the impulse to clean their plates.
Source: Washington Post

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