The Meaning of Prefix EN & EM

The Meaning of Prefix EN & EM

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Words With The Prefix EN & EM

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The prefix EN or EM means:

  • put in or into, within
  • cause to be or make into

Note: EN becomes EM before the letters b, m and p

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Words that use the prefix EN or EM include:

  • EMbark
  • ENcourage
  • EMbellish
  • EMbitter
  • EMploy
  • EMbody
  • ENdanger

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Definition: to board or get into a mode of transport, e.g. train, ship, aircraft

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In the picture we see passengers boarding an aeroplane.

Sentence example: Unfortunately the passengers had to embark in the rain.

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Definition: to put heart into; to inspire with confidence and courage

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The picture shows a group of skiers standing close together.

Sentence example: As they are all beginners, you need to encourage them.

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Definition: to make beautiful; to decorate or make ornamental

Slide 9:
The picture shows a woman wearing high-heeled shoes covered in sequins.

Sentence example: Her shoes were embellished with gold sequins.

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Definition: to make angry, to arouse bitter feelings of resentment or hostility

Slide 11:
The picture shows a U.S. soldier shaking hands with a local resident in Afghanistan.

Sentence example: They didn’t allow the conflict to embitter them.

Slide 12:
Definition: to make use of something or someone

Slide 13:
The picture shows a person in uniform fast asleep leaning against a window.

Sentence example: If you were a boss, would you employ this person?

Slide 14:
Definition: to give a body to something; to give a tangible concrete form to

Slide 15:
In the picture we see the U.S. Supreme Court building.

Sentence example: The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution embodies freedom and the most basic liberties.

Slide 16:
Definition: to put into danger; to expose to harm; to threaten with extinction

Slide 17:
In the picture we see an Orangutan resting his head on a log.

Sentence example: “Am I an endangered species?”

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So remember, when you see words starting with EN or EM, look for a connection with:

  • put in or into, within
  • cause to be or make into

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Now you know the meaning of the prefix EN and EM, see how many other words you can find that start with these prefixes.
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Learning words with the same prefix is an easy way to improve your English vocabulary. By learning words in groups the brain can form easier connections. These words with the prefix EN & EM will now stay in your mind, especially when you concentrate on the picture and make a link between the image and the sentence example.