The Meaning of Prefix BE

The Meaning of Prefix BE

The prefix BE adds intensity to a word. This video provides 6 illustrated examples of words with the prefix BE. Each example comprises a picture and an associated sentence example.

By seeing a picture and then associating it with a sentence in which a word beginning with BE is used, a strong mental connection is formed so you will remember the word more easily.

Learning vocabulary by studying prefixes, suffixes, and word roots, is a very easy and enjoyable way to expand your English vocabulary. You learn to associate words together with a common denominator.

Here is a transcript of the video “Words With the Prefix BE”

Slide 2:
The prefix BE means: INTENSE

It doesn’t change the meaning of a word, rather, it makes a word richer, stronger, fuller, in other words, it makes everything INTENSE!

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Slide 4:

Definition: dearly loved, a much-loved person

Slide 5:
Her firstborn was truly a beloved child!

Slide 6:

Definition: to angrily scold, or criticize at length

Slide 7:
She berated her sister for embarrassing her in front of her boyfriend.

Slide 8:

Definition: to make dirty or damage someone’s reputation

Slide 9:
Opponents say the Russian historical romantic drama, Matilda (2017), which tells the story of a romance between Nicholas II and a Polish dancer, besmirches the reputation of the tzar.

Slide 10:

Definition: to be deprived of a loved one through death, to have someone taken away through their death

Slide 11:
Liam Neeson was tragically bereaved of his beloved wife, Natasha Richardson, when she died in a freak skiing accident in 2009.

Slide 12:

Definition: to be confused, bewildered, puzzled; also to be mildly amused

Slide 13:
She looked quite bemused when she lost sight of her tour group.

Slide 14:

Definition: to cause problems or difficulties, to harass; also to surround, to lay siege

Slide 15:
This painting by Adolph Northen (1851), shows Napoleon’s beleaguered army retreating from Russia in 1812.

Slide 16:
So remember the meaning of the prefix BE means: INTENSE

It makes a word richer, stronger, fuller, in other words, it makes everything INTENSE!

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Now you know the meaning of prefix BE, see how many other words you can think of that start with BE.
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