What is the Meaning of PLEASANT?

What is the Meaning of PLEASANT?

This video provides a clear explanation regarding the definition and meaning of the word PLEASANT.

By combining pictures with sentence examples, it will be easy to remember the meaning and definition of PLEASANT and how to  use it naturally in various contexts.

This video provides 3 illustrated examples. Take a moment to look at the picture, then listen and read the sentence example. Then make sure you understand the sentence. Look up in a dictionary any other words you do not understand.

At the end of the video, common collocations are listed in which the word PLEASANT is often found. You will also find a list of common synonyms.

Now you know the meaning and definition of PLEASANT, try to look for opportunities to use it in daily conversation.

Here is a transcript of the video: What is the Meaning and Definition of PLEASANT?

Slide 2:
Pronounced: PLES◦unt with the stress on the 1st syllable.

giving pleasure, enjoyment, or satisfaction, pleasing

The clipart shows beautiful green countryside.

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Slide 4:
The picture shows a father with his young daughter doing some gardening.

The sentence reads: He spent a pleasant afternoon in the garden with his daughter.

Slide 5:
The picture shows a little girl with a look of surprise on her face.

The sentence reads: She had a pleasant surprise when her daddy came home from work early.

Slide 6:
In the picture we see a little girl with her hands in the air standing on a beach.

Sentence example: A pleasant breeze swept through her hair as she played on the beach.

Alternative sentence: A light wind blew her hair as she played on the beach. “A pleasant breeze swept through her hair” is a useful collocation.

Slide 7:
PLEASANT means: giving pleasure, enjoyment, or satisfaction, pleasing

Synonyms include:

  • comfortable
  • nice
  • enjoyable
  • delightful
  • congenial
  • agreeable

Slide 8:
Common Collocations

pleasant sounds

pleasant afternoon/evening

a pleasant surprise

a pleasant spot

pleasant conversation

pleasant atmosphere

pleasant contrast

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