Definite and Indefinite ARTICLES Examples

Definite and Indefinite ARTICLES Examples

How to Master DEFINITE INDEFINITE Articles:

In this video, definite and indefinite articles examples are given. There are some general rules but also many exceptions. This video provides just one articles example from my comprehensive course: How to Master DEFINITE INDEFINITE Articles”

A number of modules give illustrated examples with notes explaining the use of definite and indefinite articles in each case.

Then practice exercises allow the student to fill in the blanks using a, an, the or no article. This is a very practical method for becoming confident in using definite indefinite articles.

There is also a module dedicated to special cases. While the general rules apply in most cases, there are a number of exceptions. Memorizing these will enable the student to achieve native speaker level.

Through the use of numerous definite and indefinite articles examples, you will become confident and fluent.

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Here is a transcript of the video: “Definite and Indefinite ARTICLES Examples”

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This sentence is correct:

A cruise ship sails up the Hudson River.

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This sentence is correct:

This is Mount Everest, viewed from Nepal.

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Can you explain why we say “the Hudson River” with a definite article but “Mount Everest” without the definite article?

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Most geographical nouns such as the names of mountains, lakes, islands, countries, DO NOT use the definite article.

Rivers-Seas-Oceans-Gulfs are exceptions. They ALWAYS take the definite article.

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Are you confused by definite and indefinite articles?

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