Learn How to Pronounce GAUGE Correctly!

Learn how to pronounce gauge correctly by understanding the syllables

The word gauge is made up of 1 syllable.

It’s pronounced GAUGE

Note: pronounced GAYJ
not GAWJ

In the picture we see a fire truck being driven on a foggy road.

The sentence reads: Driving in fog can be very dangerous because it’s difficult to gauge distance and speed.

Examples of gauge from news items:

We are forced to gauge engagement by staring into tiny windows on a small screen, which is often impossible.
Source: Slate

The increasing tendency for hurricanes to rapidly intensify is an even better gauge for how climate change is influencing these storms than how strong they are getting, Emanuel said.
Source: Seattle Times

At each step of Tsitsipas’s progression, explained his father, Apostolos Tsitsipas, who is now his son’s coach, he and his wife gauged their son’s happiness, convinced that happiness is the foundation of success.
Source: The Washington Post

“He was trying to gauge who was going to be first and last in. It was a little test in a way. I went in and he knew all about me.”
Source: BBC

But as news of Delta’s spread across the country heightened alarm about returning to classrooms, Ms. Keane saw the carnival as her best bet to gauge how families were feeling.
Source: New York Times

But on some level, all Marvel films featuring dynamic yet ultimately tertiary female characters, and especially those of color, are experiments, to gauge whether these characters are worth investing in.
Source: Salon

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