Definition of DIVULGE – DIVULGE in a Sentence

definition of divulge - divulge in a sentence


The definition of DIVULGE – DIVULGE in a Sentence

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DEFINITION: to reveal or make known something private or secret

The clipart shows a man on a high diving board with his friend in the pool below. A thought bubble indicates the man thinks he is a bird.

STORY: Just before he DIVES off the EDGE of a high-diving board, a man reveals his secret to his friend. He shouts: “I imagine I’m a bird.” (DIVE – EDGE . . . DIVULGE)

DIVULGE IN A SENTENCE: The police put pressure on the suspect to divulge details of who else was involved in the crime.

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Other instances in the news of the use of DIVULGE showing the definition of divulge and divulge in a sentence:

On the first episode of his new podcast “Are You for Sale?,” the choreographer Miguel Gutierrez divulges the salary he paid himself during what he calls “one of the high points” of his career.
Source: The New York Times

Nor will I divulge the contents of the brown box that ticket holders receive in the mail before their scheduled performance — and are instructed not to open until showtime.
Source: Washington Post

Republican lawmakers probing the issue said they want the FDA to divulge whether any punishment — or “adverse employment action” — was taken or considered against employees during the debate around boosters.
Source: Washington Times

They launched an array of legal and legislative campaigns designed to force agencies and researchers to divulge confidential data, and to prevent federal regulators from using what they dubbed “secret science.”
Source: Science Magazine

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