What Does LAID BACK Mean? + LAID BACK in a Sentence


What Does LAID BACK Mean? + LAID BACK in a Sentence

This video explains the background, gives a clear explanation of the meaning of LAID BACK, and then provides 3 illustrated sentence examples.

These illustrated sentence examples regarding the meaning of LAID BACK provide an effective teaching and memory aid. By spending one or two seconds looking at the picture, then hearing the sentence example ready, containing the key phrase LAID BACK, a deep impression is made in the brain and in the memory. Reviewing LAID BACK in a sentence can give you a ‘feel’ of how to use the expression.

After this video you will be able to use the phrase LAID BACK confidently when you see an appropriate opportunity.

Slide 1:  What is the Meaning of LAID BACK?
plus you will see LAID BACK in a sentence.

Slide 2:
Before looking at the origin and meaning along with 3 sentence examples, here is a quick reminder:

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Slide 3:
LAID BACK is informal English for someone who is relaxed in manner or character, easy-going, not easily panicked or stressed.

Origin: It came into use in English around 1973. Some believe it has its roots in the hippie culture of the 1960s from the idea of lying back comfortably on a sofa or in a chair, possibly while using drugs.

Grammar note: Laid back is hyphenated before a noun, e.g. “a laid-back guy”

Slide 4:
The picture shows a movie poster for Crocodile Dundee.

Sentence example:  In the 1986 movie Crocodile Dundee, Paul Hogan gives a wonderful laid-back performance as Mick Dundee, a crocodile hunter from Australia.

Note: The fictional character Mick Dundee was inspired by Rodney Ansell (1954-1999), an Australian cattle grazier and buffalo hunter.

Slide 5:
In the picture we see a man sitting with his leg up on his seat, waiting in an airport.

Sentence example: Although it was just announced that his flight was delayed by two hours, he was quite laid back about it.

Slide 6:
The picture shows the cover of a music album by Eric Clapton.

Sentence example: MTV Unplugged was a TV series that featured famous artists playing their songs with acoustic instruments, usually in a laid-back atmosphere.

Slide 7:
So remember though , if you want to describe a person who is very relaxed, easy-going, someone who doesn’t easily get flustered, use the term LAID BACK.

Remember that this is informal English and fine for everyday conversation, but the term would not be used in formal or academic circles.

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