What is the Meaning of DECIDE? + DECIDE in a Sentence

The Meaning of Decide

This video explains the origin and meaning of DECIDE, and then provides 3 illustrated sentence examples.

These illustrated sentence examples regarding the meaning of DECIDE provide an effective teaching and memory aid. By spending one or two seconds looking at the picture, then hearing the sentence example ready, containing the key word DECIDE, a deep impression is made in the memory. Reviewing DECIDE in a sentence can give you a ‘feel’ of how to use the expression.

After this video you will be able to use the phrase DECIDE confidently when you see an appropriate opportunity.

Slide 1:  What is the Meaning of DECIDE?
plus you will see DECIDE in a sentence.

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Before looking at the origin and meaning along with 3 sentence examples, here is a quick reminder:

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The word DECIDE comes from French and Latin, with the idea of choosing between alternatives, or resolving difficulties by cutting through them as if with a knife or sword.

So the basic element means to cut through, or separate.

Definition: to reach a conclusion, to form a judgment or opinion about something

The clipart shows a kitchen knife.

Let’s look at some sentence examples:

Slide 4:
The picture shows a young woman shopping for clothes.

Sentence example:  She kept picking up and putting down the orange blouse, but just couldn’t decide whether to buy it.

Slide 5:
In the picture we see a couple sitting on a beach in conversation.

Sentence example: She said: “If you want to stay another couple of days it’s no problem. Whatever you decide, is fine with me.”

Slide 6:
The picture shows a girl in a restaurant, thinking.

Sentence example: She was thinking of ordering the hottest item on the menu, but at the last minute, decided against it.

Slide 7:
Take note of those useful collocations:

  1. Whatever you decide is fine with me
  2. decide against it

Slide 8:
So remember, DECIDE is related to the idea of cutting through, separating, as if with a knife or sword.

Definition: to reach a conclusion, to form a judgment or opinion about something

If you ever have a problem making a decision, keep the mental image of a knife cutting through in your mind. It may help you to be decisive.

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