Definition of ACQUISITION – ACQUISITION in a Sentence

Definition of ACQUISITION - ACQUISITION in a Sentence


Definition of ACQUISITION – ACQUISITION in a Sentence

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#007: ACQUISITION (ah◦qwih◦ZISH◦un)

DEFINITION: an asset bought or obtained, the act of gaining possession

The clipart shows a diver looking at an octopus

STORY: The diver bought a new pair of glasses called AQUA VISION, for seeing clearly underwater.

ACQUISITION IN A SENTENCE: Visit the British Museum’s web site to see a list of its latest acquisitions.

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Other instances in the news of the use of ACQUISITION showing the definition of acquisition and acquisition in a sentence:

“The museum is committed to the responsible acquisition of archaeological art, and applies rigorous provenance standards both to new acquisitions and the study of works long in its collection,” said the Met in a statement.
Source: New York Times

They gave them to the Baltimore Museum of Art, and this show — 150 works displayed for the most part by acquisition date — celebrates that gift.
Source: Washington Post

Curators are ethically obligated to investigate the origins of new acquisitions, but some experts say far too little has been done to return to Cambodia pieces that belong there.
Source: Seattle Times

The acquisition of these homes followed similar transactions in Washington, D.C., where documents show that Abdullah spent nearly $10 million on luxury condominiums with expansive views of the Potomac River in Georgetown.
Source: Washington Post

“Investors are flush with cash and want companies to look for acquisitions in areas where they need to grow or add capabilities and services rather than just paying dividends or buying back shares.”
Source: Reuters

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