Definition of ESCALATE – ESCALATE in a Sentence

Definition of ESCALATE – ESCALATE in a Sentence

The origin and definition of ESCALATE are clearly explained. Then get a deeper understanding for the word by seeing ESCALATE in a sentence.

Take a few moments to look at the pictures as they serve as a memory aid. Then read the sentence example.

A helpful comment is also made regarding the most common contexts in which the word ‘escalate’ is used.

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The definition of ESCALATE is:

to increase, often rapidly, in

  • intensity
  • quantity

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Origin of ESCALATE

Around 1900 the Otis Elevator Company in the U.S.A. made a moving staircase. The trade name was ESCALATOR, probably taken from Latin scalāre “to scale a wall, climb”.

So ESCALATE originally meant “to ascend on an escalator”.

In the late 1950s the term came to be used generally for something that increases.

Note: Otis’ claim on the word ESCALATOR has been challenged. See Wikipedia under Escalator

Slide 4:
Tensions escalated when the police appeared with wooden batons.

Slide 5:
December, 2020 saw a major escalation in the number of new COVID-19 cases in many countries.

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While eating disorders are common among women and teenage girls, they continue to escalate among all age groups and genders.

Slide 7:
In October 2020, violence escalated dramatically in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone, according to a UNICEF report.

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From these examples, note that the word ‘escalate’ is mainly used in a negative context.

It is commonly used with the words ‘tension’ and ‘violence’.

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As a memory aid, link ‘escalate’ with ‘escalator’.

An escalator takes you up. To escalate means to INCREASE

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