Learn How to Pronounce VERBATIM Correctly!

Learn how to pronounce VERBATIM correctly by understanding the syllables.

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The word VERBATIM is an adjective made up of 3 syllables.
Stress the 2nd syllable.

VERBATIM is pronounced:

Definition: using exactly the same words, word for word

The clipart shows quote marks.

The picture shows a teacher in class with her students.

The sentence example reads: Class homework was to learn a poem by heart and today the students have to repeat it in class verbatim.

Now you know how to say VERBATIM, look for an opportunity to use the word in conversation as soon as possible to imprint it on the memory.

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Now you know how to say VERBATIM, remember to use it the next time you need to describe something that is evil or wicked.

Examples of VERBATIM from news items:

The play is based verbatim on the ongoing Phase 2, which examines the cause of the fire, including the building’s refurbishment and condition which allowed it to quickly turn into an inferno.
Source: Reuters

The views Emmanuel expressed were echoed almost verbatim by other people of color on the far right: They describe themselves as American, not “hyphenated Americans.”
Source: Seattle Times

Keep in mind that what you’re about to read are verbatim quotes, recited separately hours and days apart, and without the questioner, in any case, mentioning the word “mature.”
Source: Golf Digest

A fine tool, certainly: Her brand of verbatim theater, perfected in a series of documentary plays since the early 1980s, duplicates the expressive peculiarities of real speech, making every defensive stammer and evasive curlicue count.
Source: New York Times

Kepler wins the day, for although Katharina spoke in her own defence, it is her son’s arguments that are preserved verbatim in the trial documents, commenting on and judging women’s behaviour.
Source: Nature

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