Learn How to Pronounce MAUVE Correctly!

Learn how to pronounce MAUVE correctly by understanding the syllables.

Once you know how to pronounce MAUVE, look for opportunities to use it in everyday English conversation. This will help to imprint it on your memory.

Here is a transcript of the video: “Learn How to Pronounce MAUVE Correctly!”

MAUVE – it’s a noun and an adjective, just one syllable.
It’s pronounced MOHV

In the picture we see a building painted a mauve colour.

Sentence example: Local residents often use this mauve* building as a landmark when giving directions.
* here mauve isused as an adjective

Next, we see a man choosing a tie.

Sentence example: He finally found what he was looking for – a tie in mauve*.
* here mauve is used as a noun

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Examples of mauve from news items:

On a bank below the lawns, crocuses were planted, golden, pink, and mauve, but by this time they would be past their best, dropping and fading, like the pallid snowdrops.
Source: Rebecca

Just yesterday, she collected a white stone with a purplish stripe that perfectly matches the mauve tone on the Lucienne Day-print curtains in her bedroom, where it’s now positioned on the windowsill.
Source: The New York Times

The facade of the cathedral of Rouen appears as many times in the exhibit, its Gothic facade tinged canary yellow, mauve, apricot or dusty gray, depending on the changing light.
Source: Seattle Times

I’m thinking of the horns of the emerging hostas, the strange mauve cones of the variegated Solomon’s seal and the fiddleheads of fern species.
Source: The Washington Post

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