Definition of OPPOSITE – OPPOSITE in a Sentence

definition of opposite - opposite in a sentence

Definition of OPPOSITE – OPPOSITE in a Sentence

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#013: OPPOSITE (OPP◦uh◦zit)

DEFINITION: 1.located directly across from something
2. completely different

The clipart shows two hippos sitting in the mud.

STORY: Two hippos sit face to face, opposite each other in the mud.

OPPOSITE IN A SENTENCE: Although they were twins, their personalities were quite opposite.

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Other instances in the news of the use of OPPOSITE showing the definition of opposite and opposite in a sentence:

The other thing with drawing is that, if you and I were doing counseling together, I would sit opposite you like this and we wouldn’t have anything between us.
Source: New York Times

“I listen carefully,” the tree says, “and I find it astounding that trees, just through their presence, become a saviour for the downtrodden and a symbol of suffering for people on opposite sides.”
Source: Washington Post

But broadly speaking, they will use Webb to pursue two overriding themes, at opposite extremes of time and distance: the early universe and nearby planetary systems.
Source: Scientific Magazine

In much of the Arab world, the opposite is true — the company over-relies on artificial-intelligence filters that make mistakes, leading to “a lot of false positives and a media backlash,” one document reads.
Source: Seattle Times

In November 1927, Trotskyist opponents of Stalin marched to the 27th House of Soviets at one end of Tverskaya Street, opposite the Hotel National, in one of the last public protests against the Soviet ruler.
Source: Washington Post

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