How to Pronounce TENTERHOOKS – TENTERHOOKS in a Sentence

How to Pronounce TENTERHOOKS – TENTERHOOKS in a Sentence

Learn how to pronounce TENTERHOOKS correctly by understanding the syllables.

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How to pronounce TENTERHOOKS

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TENTERHOOKS it’s a noun made up of 3 syllables.

Stress the 1st syllable.

It’s pronounced: TEN◦ter◦hooks

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Note: TEN◦ter◦hooks NOT TENDER◦hooks

Let’s look at an example.

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In the picture we see a Scotsman with his hands nervously clasped behind his back.

The sentence reads: The bridegroom was on tenterhooks until the bride arrived.

Now you know how to say tenterhooks correctly, look for opportunities in everyday conversation to use the word.

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Examples of tenterhooks from news items:

“It was fantastic to see our audience on tenterhooks, begging for more. I can’t wait for the second series to begin,” she added.
Source: BBC

I was astonished to hear Harris explain that when you open Twitter, the tiny pause before you’re told your number of notifications is deliberately engineered, so you’ll be on tenterhooks every time.
Source: The Guardian

The British fashion industry, on tenterhooks as it awaits the various outcomes of Britain’s exit from the European Union, must be rubbing its hands in anticipation.
Source: New York Times

These days, as a global pandemic cancels plans and renders the simple act of going to buy cereal a risk, we’re all on tenterhooks.
Source: Washington Post

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