Meaning of Suffix SHIP – Words With Suffix SHIP

Meaning of Suffix SHIP – Words With Suffix SHIP

The suffix SHIP can be added to a huge number of words in the English language.

This video presents six pictures with sentence examples that illustrate the meaning of words with the suffix SHIP. Focus for a moment on the picture to make a mental impression, then listen carefully as the sentence example is read. This will help with long term memory.

Learning suffixes is an easy way to increase your English vocabulary. Go through the six words that begin with SHIP in this video and bring your English to a new level.

Here is a transcript of the video “Words with the Suffix SHIP” . . .

Slide 2:
The suffix SHIP means


You can add it to many words to indicate praise or honor to that person.

Consider these examples:



Slide 3:

Definition: suffering a difficult state or condition

Slide 4:
Sentence example: This famous photograph well depicts the extreme hardship people faced during  the Great Depression (1929-1933), as represented by this mother of seven children.

Slide 5:

Definition: a state of good personal relationships

Slide 6:
Sentence example: When it comes to friendship, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
― Charles M. Schulz

Slide 7:

Definition: the status of being a citizen of a country

Slide 8:
Sentence example: When asked by journalists why he refused American citizenship, Charlie Chaplin replied, “I see no reason to change my nationality. I consider myself a citizen of the world”.

Slide 9:

Definition: the quality of fairness and generous treatment in a sporting competition

Slide 10:
Sentence example: The photographer caught this moment of true sportsmanship during the Valencia MotoGP race in 2010.

Slide 11:

Definition: the qualities of an advanced student, learning at a high level

Slide 12:
Caption: Bromfield Class of 2014 Scholarship Recognition Ceremony

Slide 13:

Definition: a contest for the position or office of champion in a sport or game

Slide 14:
Sentence example: Here we see a competitor in the IJCE* Speedskating Championship.

Slide 15:
So when you see words with the suffix

Look for a connection with:


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