Learn How to Pronounce BALLET – BALLET in a Sentence

Learn How to Pronounce BALLET – BALLET in a Sentence

Learn how to pronounce ballet correctly by understanding the syllables.

Here is a transcript of the video: How to Pronounce BALLET

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The word BALLET is a noun with 2 syllables – emphasize the first syllable.


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Here is a sentence example:

In the picture we see a ballet dancer.

The sentence reads: She started attending ballet classes from early childhood.

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So when you next have an opportunity, remember to say BALLET correctly.

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Examples of ballet from news items:

There were also guards of honour, lavish dinners and visits to the ballet, the theatre and places of historical interest.
Source: BBC

But it primarily captures the artists — practitioners of ballet, krump, tap, vogue and more — as they brainstorm, hone dances, talk about art and even partake in a conga line through a meadow.
Source: Washington Post

The Rolling Stones front man recently purchased a mansion south of Tampa as a Christmas present for his girlfriend, ballet dancer Melanie Hamrick.
Source: Washington Times

The new ballet, about 15 minutes long, is set to an eight-part suite composed by Bernstein in 1980 in honor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s 100th birthday.
Source: New York Times