How Do You Spell the Past Tense of SKI?

The Past Tense of SKI

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The past tense of ‘ski’ is ‘skied’. Here is a sentence example:

“We skied yesterday.”

Past continuous: “Yesterday we were skiing at this time.”


Do you know how to ski?
When he visits Switzerland he often skis in the Alps.
She asked, “Shall we go skiing?”

A definition of ski is:
To travel or glide over snow or ice on skis.


The word ‘ski’ is from the Norwegian word ‘ski’ which means “long snowshoe”. Literally it means “stick of wood”. The obsolete old English word ‘shide’ means “piece of wood split off from timber”.

The Noun

The word ‘ski’ can also be used as a noun, referring of course to a pair of long flat runners that are turned up at the end and which can be attached to a boot for gliding over snow. Skis can be made from plastic, metal, or wood.

Is English Spelling Difficult?
Many think so after seeing many exceptions to the basic rules. However, it is estimated that 75% of English words follow regular rules. Unfortunately, many of the exceptions are found in the most common words, which makes it appear that English spelling is difficult.

Remember English has borrowed words from many sources – Romans, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, French, Greek, to name a few. Also the pronunciation of words changes over time but often the spelling remains the same. So sometimes the spelling of a word is totally illogical when compared with the modern pronunciation.

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Here are examples of the word SKI in news items:

“Once I stopped skiing, I was like, ‘OK, I need something else to do just as intensely and just as hard,’” she said.
Source: New York Times

Mikaela Shiffrin is planning a return to speed racing in the alpine skiing World Cup season, after reducing her schedule almost exclusively to slalom and giant slalom last year.
Source: Seattle Times

“Most of the audience is not just doing one activity,” he said, “they are doing three or four activities a year — like skiing, cycling, hiking.”
Source: Washington Post