Definition of IMMACULATE – IMMACULATE in a Sentence

definition of immaculate - immaculate in a sentence

Definition of IMMACULATE – IMMACULATE in a Sentence

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#006: IMMACULATE (ih◦MACK◦you◦lut)

DEFINITION: perfectly clean, neat, spotless

The clipart shows a mug of coffee being spilled over a Macintosh computer

STORY: The office worker angrily shouted to his colleague: “My iMAC was perfectly clean and spotless before YOU spilled your LATTE over it!”

IMMACULATE IN A SENTENCE: He was forever cleaning and polishing his car and kept it in immaculate condition.

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Other instances in the news of the use of IMMACULATE showing the definition of immaculate and immaculate in a sentence:

This is not some Sedarian immaculate collection; instead, as he himself writes in the introduction, the pieces “are the sort I hoped to produce back when I first started writing, at the age of 20.”
Source: New York Times

Red Cross volunteers, many of them from Boston’s wealthiest families, arrived in their immaculate white-and-gray uniforms, which immediately turned brown once they stepped into the deep sea of molasses.
Source: 1919 The Year That Changed America

Garcia was among only five players from the morning draw who broke 70 in what appeared to be ideal conditions, with only a mild breeze and a course in immaculate condition.
Source: Seattle Times

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Behind the immaculate gray walls of the Customs and Border Protection’s laboratory here stands a cabinet containing three plastic vials filled with a sticky, yellowish substance.
Source: New York Times

It goes on to show everyone who might find peace with the “cushion-tailed therapy robot”: young people living alone in immaculate apartments, children, the elderly.
Source: The Verge

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