Definition of MISERABLE – MISERABLE in a Sentence

definition of miserable - miserable in a sentence

Definition of MISERABLE – MISERABLE in a Sentence

Add it to your working vocabulary through this infographic. Mnemonics are very useful in putting words into long-term memory. Study the image, read the story, and make the connection.

Image text:

#014: MISERABLE (MIZ◦ruh◦bull)

DEFINITION: very unhappy or uncomfortable

The clipart shows a miser running from a bull.

STORY: The miser was not very happy when he was chased by a bull.

MISERABLE IN A SENTENCE: He stayed home all week with the flu, feeling miserable.

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Other instances in the news of the use of MISERABLE showing the definition of miserable and miserable in a sentence:

“The Twits,” the shortest of the three, is the story of a despicable husband and wife who trap birds in glue and make life miserable for a family of monkeys.
Source: New York Times

Although it’s “rough” to be out of touch, “if I continue to try and force this relationship when it makes me miserable,” Mercedes says, “this isn’t really worth it.”
Source: Washington Post

Entering a baggage claim area, they found what looked like hundreds of bags lined up and crowds of miserable people — some crying, some napping, because they had been waiting so long for their bags.
Source: New York Times

The Maryland Terrapins’ outing against Michigan turned into another miserable experience for a fan base that has grown accustomed to watching ranked opponents visit College Park only to decimate the Terps.
Source: Washington Post

Growing up in West Yorkshire, Mohammed says he was “dragged” to many Leeds United matches and actively avoided doing sport in the miserable northern winters.
Source: BBC

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