Learn How to Pronounce JAGUAR Correctly!

Learn how to pronounce JAGUAR correctly by understanding the syllables.

Then see an illustrated sentence example.

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Slide 3:
In British English, the word JAGUAR is a noun made up of 3 syllables.
Stress the 1st syllable.

It is pronounced:

Slide 4:
In American English it is pronounced with 2 syllables:

Slide 5:
Definition: a large cat with a yellowish-brown coat with black spots, found in Central and South America

Slide 6:
The picture shows the bonnet of a Jaguar car.

The sentence example reads: The famous Leaping Jaguar ornament, appeared on the bonnet* of Jaguar cars from 1945 to the early 2000s.

*hood – American English

Now you know how to say JAGUAR, look for an opportunity to use the word in conversation as soon as possible to imprint it on the memory.

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Examples of JAGUAR from news items:

When people heard about the Department of Living Animals, as it was called, they started sending gifts, such as a jaguar and two black bears from Texas.
Source: Washington Post

The global expansion of hydroelectric dams has had a destructive impact on the habitats of tigers and jaguars, according to a new study.
Source: BBC

A man was injured by a jaguar at a Florida zoo after climbing over a barrier and moving too close to the animal’s enclosure, officials said.
Source: Fox News

Sitting in a windowless conference room decorated with lavish photographs of panthers, jaguars, and tigers—preserving big-cat habitats is his other major passion—he explains his training as an investor.
Source: Business Week

Their release was the first reintroduction of jaguars in that part of Argentina since the species almost went extinct there 70 years ago.
Source: Washington Post

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