Learn How to Pronounce MOOT – MOOT in a Sentence

Learn How to Pronounce MOOT – MOOT in a Sentence

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MOOT – it’s an adjective with one syllable.

It’s pronounced MOOT

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Note: MOOT NOT MUTE (mee◦yute)

Let’s look at an illustrated sentence example.

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In the picture we see some very distraught Brazil football supporters.

Sentence example:

The sentence reads: After Germany’s 7-1 defeat of Brazil in the 2014 World Cup, arguing about a decision by the referee in the first half seemed a moot point.

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So when you next have an opportunity, remember to say MOOT correctly, not confusing it with a different word – MUTE.

Examples of MOOT from news items:

Until the advent of global warming, upward mobility was a moot point: An elevational shift higher would put saguaros in areas that are prone to severe freezes.
Source:  Seattle Times

It was completely moot whether I was allowed to vape in particular situations, because I was going to vape anyway – so I always looked furtive, like a person with a hip flask, except billowing vapour.
Source: The Guardian

Some of these new guidelines seem moot: Many businesses report doing 50 percent or less of their pre-pandemic business on a good day, with no expectations of that number increasing anytime soon.
Source: New York Times

To some extent, Sanders’s credibility is a moot point among reporters, given her increasing isolation from and limited contacts with the press.
Source: Washington Post

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