Definition of LATENT – LATENT in a Sentence

Definition of LATENT - LATENT in a Sentence

Definition of LATENT – LATENT in a Sentence

#008: LATENT (LATE◦unt)

DEFINITION: present or existing but not active or seen

The clipart shows an explorer with binoculars and a tent in the background with someone sleeping inside.

STORY: The explorer was looking everywhere for his colleague who was there all the time, laying in his tent, sleeping!

LATENT IN A SENTENCE: He was about 15 years old when his latent talent for painting began to emerge.

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Other instances in the news of the use of LATENT showing the definition of latent and latent in a sentence:

“In the present work, Banksy’s deliberate nod to the Romantic era — a period that glorified the sublime majesty of nature — serves to underscore the tragic reality latent in his asterisked quip,” reads the catalog text.
Source: Seattle Times

While I really enjoyed these shows, I was taken aback by Sherlock’s rudeness, exasperation, his disparagement of others, his desire to dominate and his latent violence.
Source: Salon

He characterizes them as “the budding organs and limbs of our latent supernature” and posits that their widespread appearance would herald a new type of humanity on the earth.
Source: Scientific American

But suddenly Exxon is slipping badly, its long latent vulnerabilities exposed by the coronavirus pandemic and technological shifts that promise to transform the energy world because of growing concerns about climate change.
Source: New York Times

The youths’ act of defiance emulated the start of other “Arab Spring” uprisings that overthrew dictators in Tunisia and Egypt, and their brutal treatment in detention brought long latent discontent boiling to the surface.
Source: Reuters

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